First Lady Butler Ministries

"Speaking Life One Heart At A Time"


**Curriculum is subject to change based on dynamics of enrollment** 

The Journey is an extended five-month mentorship program providing enhanced personal and ministry development.  It is designed to help target and refine strategic areas within your life and ministry. Together we will journey through ten intensive tracks that will cause you think more clearly and decisively in how to effectively operate in ministry.


Track 1:  The Protocol of a Determined Life - a unique approach in how to accurately outline personal protocol that will guarantee your success as a Determined woman of God.


Track 2:  Protect Your Time - this lesson will remind you that your time is precious, how to value it, and teach others to value it.


Track 3:  The Behavior of A Determined Woman of God - a tough love session that will cause you to look into the true essence of who you are as displayed through behavior and character.


Track 4:  Fuel of the Journey - a challenging lesson to guide you to see the gifts within you, refining them, and recognizing when to unveil them.


Track 5:  Tuning Up - learn how to develop, refine and perfect your "best" gifts.   


Track 6:  The Lifestyle of Humility - this track is guaranteed to cause you to think differently concerning the lifestyle of humility. 


Track 7:  Elements for Preaching and Teaching for Women In Ministry - practical tools in how to be better at preaching and teaching in ministry.


Track 8:  The Spirit of Sabotage/The Freeloader/The Saboteur - an important teaching on the awareness of this vicious spirit that tries to destroy everything about the Determined Woman of God.


Track 9:  Fit For The Fight - this track would not be complete without addressing the essentially of living a healthy life spiritually and naturally. 


Track 10:  Maximizing Your Drive for Life - a bitter-sweet moment where Co-Pastor gives a final impartation and releases into the Determined Woman of God an EXTRA PUSH into her newly refined Determined journey.