First Lady Butler Ministries

"Speaking Life One Heart At A Time"


**Curriculum is subject to change based on dynamics of enrollment**

Determined Coaching Level One is A five-month mentorship program providing accountability, teaching, training and one-on-one personal development for First Ladies, Women in Ministry and Lay Leaders.  It is designed to help you to identify your unique Determined journey personally and in ministry. Together, we will journey through ten intensive tracks that will challenge you to identify the weak areas in your life that need to be strengthened, the strong areas that need to be polished, and the hidden areas that need to be healed.


Introductory Class - The Mentor, The Coach & The Journey


Track 1: The Persona Of A Leader - Setting the pace for your Determined journey, you will learn how to Identify, acknowledge and understand the different roles you play as a woman based on personal experience and how they impact your character especially as a leader.


Track 2:  The Mary Martha Factor - How to find and function in your place called balance.


Track 3:  Confronting Crossroads - what happens when life takes you down the roads of loneliness, isolation and aloneness.


Track 4:  How To Approach Ministry Face to Face:  The Facts of Life for Women In Ministry  - practical elements to help you to be more effective as a woman in ministry.


Track 5:  How To Handle Hurt Part 1- this two part session puts you in the pathway to have a head-on collision with this plague called "hurt."


Track 6:  How to Handle Hurt Part 2 - continuation of the two part session that takes you down the pathway  of this plague called "hurt." 


Track 7:  Gearing Up For The Fight - Poisonous battles!  It happens not just in church but in life.  Now learn how to properly combat them. 


Track 8:  When The Journey Crashes - when the journey takes you into a complete nose-dive in the desert, learn how to find your way out.


Class 9:  The Drive for Life - learn how to activate and catapult your personal Drive for Life into overdrive.


Class 10:  The Next Chapter - a bitter-sweet moment where Co-Pastor gives a final impartation and releases the Determined Woman of God into the driver's seat to take her newly refined Determined journey.